Monday, 10 February 2014

MUA Power Pout :: Review

- MUA Power Pouts Lipstick, £3 -
From left to right : Crazy in Love , Justify , Irreplaceable

Another day, another aimless wander around Superdrug.
It's been such a long time since I've bought anything from MUA. In my student days, it was the brand I'd always head straight for with the promise of a good product and an even better price tag... always my favourite combination. So, with them jumping on the lip crayon bandwagon, I thought I'd follow suit and jump alongside them and grab three. And at a £3 a pop, who was I to think twice?

The consistency is very smooth and light, and, as a lip balm, they really do feel hydrating. My lips are uber dry right now (thanks, winter!) and after a few hours of wearing these tints, they definitely felt softer. They did sit in the cracks of my lips a bit but, with a consistency as thin as these, that's to be expected. They have a subtle mint flavour to them, but they don't feel tingly upon application.
The longevity isn't superb and you'd definitely need to touch up right after having something to eat or drink, but otherwise these will last you a good couple of hours.
Admittedly, my local Superdrug is only small and quite naff in terms of what they stock, and these three were the only colours available, out of a total six shades... minus a very sad looking nude shade that had obviously been opened and swatched a fair few times. I was very happy with the choice of colours though. Crazy In Love is a deep reddish purple and definitely would have been my first pick even if all the colours had been in stock. Justify is shown as a bright coral - probably not something I'd pick up had it been more expensive, since orange and I don't really go together, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway because it does look super pretty. Irreplaceable is a really sweet lilac-pink and would be perfect just to pop on before you're rushed out of the door. 

That's how they seemed anyway. There were no testers available (again, except for the sad little nudey number) so I was only going by how they were packaged. I wasn't expecting anything fantastically pigmented, since they are only balms, but the colour pay-off is definitely weaker than what I'm used to wearing. You can build the colour up, but there's only a certain amount of layers you can wear until your lips start to feel like a big wet fish and that's just... no. Just no.
From top to bottom : Crazy in Love , Justify , Irreplaceable

Overall, they are definitely handy to have in your makeup bag and an absolute steal for the price. They're quick and easy to apply, making them perfect for when you're a bit rushed on time. I do like them, but in all honesty I can't see them being a staple lip product for me because I really do like a more vibrant colour. I'm pretty sure the only time I'll be reaching for them is when my lips are too dry to apply lipstick, and maybe on the rare occasion I do fancy a more natural look.
So, m'lovelies, there you have it! Are you tempted by these bargain lippies, or would you rather opt for their more expensive counterparts?

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  1. They definitely sound lovely for having around on those dry-lip days. I'll have to check them out, I do love a good bargain and these big pencil type lip products are so easy to apply!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I like the sound of these, think I will be purchasing them next time I head to superdrug! x

  3. they look really nice! love the colour <3 thanks for the sweet comment xx
    The Frill Seeker

  4. Need to try these. I've also nominated you to take part in the Liebster Awards of blogging newbies. Check out the rules on my blog

    Joela Rocha x

  5. They look really nice. :)

    P.S. I am hosting a little giveaway and hope you can enter - if you like the prize, of course. :)

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  7. These colours are wonderful and they are such a
    bargain for only 3 pounds.
    Unfortunately, they do not sell MUA
    in Germany, but I tried out their products when
    I visited England and I really like them. :)


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