Thursday, 6 February 2014

OOTD - i spent a lifetime with no cellmate

[ evil - interpol ♫ ]

top : topshop [x]
dress : urban outfitters 
shoes : new look [x]
bag : river island
necklace : topshop
lipstick : illamasqua in 'kontrol' [x]

'ello lovelies! I've finally taken the plunge and set up a blog. This idea most definitely wasn't a New Year's resolution that I've only just gotten round to do... in February. Because that would be silly. Ahem. 
I think my next resolution is to buy some fake tan because, day-umn, I didn't realise just how pale I was until I took these photos. Crikey. I'm on the verge of taking Casper on Jeremy Kyle for a paternity test.

The lipstick is one of my absolute favourites. I'm a sucker for a purple lippy and this one is just perfect. Even though it's such a strong pigment, it's still creamy and lovely, and doesn't dry up your lips which is always a bonus when it's so cold out your face is drying up like a prune. I couldn't recommend Illamasqua more for a good lipstick.

I best be off now anyway. I've got to find a pool of St. Tropez to dive into.

big love,


  1. Wow, Emma! I've never seen a purple lipstick in that shade, you pull it off so well .That statement necklace from Topshop is gorg too! xo

  2. That lipsticks looks great on you! Love the dress as well! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. I hope everything will go well with your blog!! I wish you all the best with it!! Love your bag!!!

  4. Welcome to the blogging world! Your title and signature images are so gorgeous first of all. The softness of the splattered colors are such a lovely touch, I wish I had thought of something like that! I'm really digging the color play you have going on in this outfit. That statement necklace and the purple shade go so well together and the structure of your bag and shoes really balances out this outfit. Great first post! Hope to read more soon.


  5. This outfit is so well put together, I love it! I adore your hair!x
    - Jayne

  6. Love that lipstick so much! And I was eyeing up those boots soo much a few weeks ago, I need them!

  7. You look amazing! I adore your bag, such a lovely shape! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. You look stunning,
    I love how you mixed leopard and tartan
    and your shoes are wonderful. :)

  9. wishing you all the best with you blog!
    great outfit
    love your boots and bag

  10. That's an amazing bag! Congrats on starting up a blog :) I will definitely make sure to keep up with it!

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  11. Love the boots and your Blog design!

  12. Love the necklace and purple lipstick, I think I couldn't pull it of, but you did it do well!


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